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What rights do Tenants have

How the Queensland Government intend to reform tenancy laws that better protect tenants rights and Landlords, and improve housing stability in the rental market

According to the Residential Tenancies Act?

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How will Queensland Rentals be affected?

Most people (tenants and landlords) know that tenants’ rights are important and that tenants have the right to live in a safe, secure, and quiet environment that is managed in accordance with the law.

At the same time, property investors have rights as well and the Queensland Government recognized that and wants to make sure that both parties are catered for in the Residential Tenancies Act Queensland. 

However, in my recent research to determine the conditions of rental properties in certain areas, I have seen rental homes that gave me the creeps…I wouldn’t want to live there! And I would not have people live there if it were my property.

I couldn’t understand how a property investor could rent out such a dump and feel good about it.

Yes, any property investor needs to get paid when people are renting the home…However, in my opinion, if anybody has the intention to enter the Real Estate Investing market, they should make sure that they are up to date with the latest legislation.

After all, any property investor would want a good tenant, yes? Well, providing good living conditions will go a long way… Refer to another article where we covered the benefits of having Happy Long-Term Tenants

You can imagine my delight when I read the latest report: A Better Renting future Reform Roadmap.

Queensland Government: “Creating fair and workable rental laws for Queensland.”

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring all Queenslanders who are renting, have access to safe, secure, and sustainable housing while ensuring effective safeguards are in place to protect investments of property owners.

The RTA put together a Regulatory Impact Statement to indicate how it is intended to be done.

You can access the FREE Regulatory Impact Statement HERE.Affordable Homes


Below is a short article published by the Residential Tenancies Act Queensland.

“Help shape Queensland’s tenancy laws…

A review of Queensland’s tenancy laws is underway to ensure the rental needs of Queenslanders are met, now and in the future.

With more Queenslanders renting and renting for longer, it is important that tenancy laws support individuals and families to find a safe, secure and sustainable place to call home in rental accommodation.

These laws also need to protect the investments of property owners, who provide much-needed Queensland Rentals for an increasing number of Queenslanders.

A Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement has been developed to seek informed feedback on policy options to change Queensland’s tenancy laws and their impacts.

The public was invited to provide feedback which included the following:

  • ending a tenancy fairly
  • minimum housing standards
  • domestic and family violence
  • minor modifications
  • renting with pets

The feedback on the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement provided will inform future policy decisions made by the Queensland Government to ensure a better-renting future for Queensland.”

Article Source: Residential Tenancy Authority, QLD

Even though you won’t be able to give your feedback anymore, you can still access the information that is relevant.

Open Doors to Renting Reform was a grassroots consultation to understand what renting issues matter to tenants, rental property owners, and managers and their ideas about how to improve renting in Queensland.

The Queensland community embraced this opportunity with over 135,000 responses sharing rental experiences and ideas about how renting can be improved.

This feedback identified that Queenslanders want:

  • to feel safe and secure with their rental accommodation, either as a home for a tenant or as an investment for a property owner.
  • tenants to be able to make a home in their rental accommodation with effective safeguards in place to protect the owner’s investment.
  • action to ensure rental accommodation is well-maintained to protect tenant health and safety.
  • tenancy rights and obligations that are clear and workable for all parties.

If you want to read the full impact statement, please click HERE to get access to the FREE Regulatory Impact Statement




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