Dual Occupancy Homes

Property Investors are increasingly looking at

Dual Occupancy Homes

to achieve a better rental return.

It makes sense, since the property investor can offer affordable homes to the tenants, while benefiting from the dual income that the dual key home offers. In other words, you, as the investor will have two incomes from the same property.

Real Estate Investing

Dual key that gives you a positive cashflow property from day one

Positive Cashflow Property!

All our dual occupancy homes are cleverly designed and efficient homes, which provide for all the needs of the modern multi-generational family as well as separate tenancies.

Private, fully-self-contained and housed under the one roof – an innovative design taking in all the needs of a lifestyle orientated resident.

Our dual occupancy homes offer authentic independent living! And, as you’d expect, both residences in our dual occupancy designs have all the space and functionality where the family can gather to collaborate as well as plenty of areas to call their own for privacy and retreat.

Increase your income, not your costs!

In the past, Duplexes have long been the favoured investment for savvy investors who were chasing a higher return than what a stand-alone houses offer.

However, Duplexes are generally more costly per square meter to build, than a comparable house. This is due to aspects like higher council costs and strata titling, among other things.

Not everyone wants the expense of a duplex to get two incomes from one investment.

Turn Key House and Land

The Dual Key solution just for you

And now you don’t have to!

You will get the same benefit from Dual Key Homes.

Dual Key homes are more cost effective to build than a duplex and get similar rental returns.

In other words….you will have a positive cashflow property from day one, when you buy a dual key!

And this is what every property investor dream of, isn’t it.

The dual occupancy home is almost the same as a duplex. It has the dual income (the same as the duplex) however, instead of two exactly mirrored units, it has a bigger home on the one side and a smaller home on the other side. The smaller side may almost be seen as a granny flat.

It is usually designed to have three to four bedrooms on the one side, and one to two bedrooms on the other side.

The advantage to buy a dual key instead of a duplex….there will be no Body Corporate Fees and only one set of local council rates and charges as councils view the construction to be a normal house.

As an investor, you will have to think of an exit strategy. Although we advise investors to buy and hold an investment property for as long as possible, you never know when you may need to sell your investment property.

Turn Key House and Land

Turn Key House and Land

Your Investment Property

Exit Strategy

Sell to other investors:

The high yield that appeals to you now, will appeal to other property investors as well, when the time comes that you need to sell your Investment Property.

Sell to Owner Occupiers:

First Time Home Buyers may want to get into the property market, however, they want somebody to help pay the mortgage. They may typically move into the smaller home and rent out the bigger home to a family.

The second home buyer: The family may move into the bigger home and rent out the smaller home.

Traditional “granny flat” style:

A family may move into the bigger home, grandma and grandpa move into the smaller home. It happens quite often that grandparents are staying with the family to help look after the kids.

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