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Park Ridge is one of the fastest growing regions in the South East of Queensland and is set to be transformed with a network of new roads.

Park Ridge

The Boom Suburb of Park Ridge

According to The Courier Mail 26 April 2019:

‘The roads are planned to cope with more traffic after two sub divisions go ahead in Park Ridge, off Park Ridge Rd.

A new road connection and footpaths will then established between East Beaumont Rd and Park Ridge Road, known locally as Mt Archer Rd.

Logan City Council Roads chairman Phil Pidgeon said once the new road connection is built, road access to East Beaumont Rd will be restricted to a left-in, left-out arrangement.

“But the four lanes will continue south on Chambers Flat Rd,” he said.
“Mt Archer Road will ultimately link north and south from Bumstead Rd to Koplick Rd.
“This road connection will come as part of the eventual development and, unlike in the past when ratepayers funded these sort of roads, council now has the ability to condition developers to fund this construction.”’

Park Ridge Houses for Sale

Park Ridge Houses for Sale from as LOW as $428,910

5 Reasons to buy a home in Park Ridge

  1. Park Ridge is a Master Planned area adopted by the Logan city Council in 2011. An unprecedented $400 million of new infrastructure is currently either under construction, planned or completed, giving a massive boost to the local economy.
  2. The average median price growth is already recorded at 3.6% over ten years and is continuing to climb.
  3. Park Ridge has a rich history dating back to the 1820’s. The area was  predominantly farming land before settlement took place. Park Ridge is still surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.
  4. A huge investment of $147 million is allocated for first class modern health facilities close by.
  5. $5.5 million is set to increase the connectivity to the local area and surrounds.

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