Great tips for Home Buyers

Isn’t it one of the most exciting things in life to look for that ideal home to buy? Especially if it is the home that you plan to live in.

However, before you dig too deep into the process, it may be wise to take note of the following tips.

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Great Tips for Home Buyers

Great Tips For First Home Buyers

Great Tips For First Home Buyers

Find out what you can afford

By talking to a good mortgage broker before you even start looking to find a home to buy, will save you not only time but disappointment as well.

Knowing what you may actually borrow, will give you a realistic understanding of what you can actually buy and in which area.

Each area comes with a different price tag and if you know what the amount is that you will be able to borrow, we’ll be able to tell you exactly in which areas you will be able to buy.

Research your Home Loan options

The home buyer today, has the great advantage that the home loan market is very competitive. That is the other reason why it is best to work with a good mortgage broker. Somebody who will actually provide you with the right advice.

You will need somebody who will make sure that you get the right features and the best rates. As there are many different types of mortgages available, it is vital to find the home loan that matches your needs.

Tips for Home Buyers

Take care of your dept

Take care of your debt

You may already have a dept of some sort and may find it harder to get qualified for a home loan. Talking to a mortgage broker first will help you in more ways than you may think. As some mortgage brokers may offer you advice on how to pay off the debt quicker or even in a more affordable way.

Get your deposit together

Your lender will love it if you already have a deposit in place. That means, provided you are employed or have a solid track record of your business, you may qualify for the loan in a short time.

However, if you are a first home buyer, some lenders will use the Government grant as part of the deposit. 

Crunch your numbers

When buying a home will most certainly incur in a few surprising expenses.

  • You will need to move to your new home
  • Stamp Duty Costs, however, when buying a House and Land package, you only pay stamp duty on the land. 
  • Pest inspection reports (when buying a new home, you won’t need that)
  • If you are a first home buyer, check if you are eligible for the first home owners grant and stamp duty concessions. If you are, you’ll save heaps by taking advantage of that.

Get expert help from the start

It important to have all the help that you possibly may need when you are serious about buying a home or an investment property.

We at “Buy Real Estate Australia” can most certainly help you with every step of your home buying journey.

Not only will you be put in touch with reputable builders but also with experienced mortgage brokers. 

If you don’t already have a conveyancer, we can put you in touch with one who will go over the contract for you before you sign it. That may very well save you a lot of time and even money.

Stop Renting

Are you ready to stop renting and start living in your own home?

Decide on your home buying strategy

Maybe you would want to buy in an existing home in an established area. That’s all good….just bear in mind that you may need to renovate first or paint the whole house before you can move in. And don’t forget the building and pest inspections that may result in you deciding not to buy the house at all.

Or, maybe you would prefer to buy a brand new home. That may have a few disadvantages as well, however, the advantages are far greater.

The advantages of buying a new home:

  • Well….it is brand new, and who doesn’t like new?
  • You will pay stamp duty only on the land
  • You get to choose the colour scheme of your new home (with house and land package)
  • With the Fixed Price Turn Key House and Land packages that we offer, everything is included in the price. You just have to arrange the home loan, the conveyancer, and move your belongings to your new home.
  • The best advantage I would say is the fact that you will have a home with at least a 6 Star Energy Rating. Imagine the amount that you will save on your energy bill every year!

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Need to Claim the HomeBuilder Grant?

6 Points to consider before you apply for the HomeBuilder Grant


New Homes

New Homes

As you may already know, the Federal Government recently announced a construction stimulus package, the HomeBuilder Grant. The idea is to assist the residential construction market by encouraging the build of new homes and renovations.

Australian citizens who are looking to build a new home (including first home buyers) or renovate their principal residence can receive a grant of $25,000, provided the eligibility criteria are met.

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If you consider building a new home, or renovate your existing home and want to take advantage of the HomeBuilder Grant, there are a few factors to take into consideration if you plan to apply for the Grant.

  Points to consider:

Great Tips For First Home Buyers

Great Tips For First Home Buyers

  1. Be organised and know your timeline:

It is expected that there will be some administration work involved between the time that you express your interest in a block of land and signing the contracts. This process can take up to 6 weeks, depending on each individual situation.

According to the HomeBuilder Fact sheet, construction must start within three months of the date your contract is being signed with the builder. Keep in mind that a maximum extension of an additional three months may apply on a case by case basis. However, the relevant Revenue Office must be satisfied that the delay in the start of construction is due to unforeseen circumstances, not being in the control of the parties to the contract.  

If you want your application to go as smoothly as possible, we advise you to start doing your research regarding your new home and get in touch with a good builder as soon as possible.

RBA Interest Rate

Will you save with the new Low Interest Rates?

  1. Determine what your budget is:

Purchasing a property may be one of the biggest financial commitments you will make throughout your life. Even if it’s not your first property you want to buy, you’ll have important decisions to make.

To take one step closer to becoming a property owner and make an informed decision, speak to a good mortgage broker or lender first to determine what your budget is. Knowing what your borrowing capacity is, will prevent disappointment and save you time.

 Having a pre-approval not only gives you an idea of what your budget is, but it also makes it easier and faster for you to buy your home. Let me give you an example… There is more than one buyer interested in the same home. The person who has the pre-approval ready will be the one that purchases the property on that day. Let that person be you, and not one of the others.

A good mortgage broker will also advise you regarding other existing Government Grants and Schemes that you may qualify for on top of the HomeBuilder Grant. Engaging in a discussion with them will assist you in choosing the loan that is right for your individual circumstances.

Remember that pre-approval of finance is:

  • Free
  • Obligation-free and
  • Valid for three months
  1. Be aware of additional costs:

Keep in mind that not all builders offer Fixed Price, Turn-Key solutions. Some builders may offer house and land packages at a very attractive price but the site costs may be excluded in the price. Some builders exclude several elements in the original price that is advertised.

Other costs that should be taken into consideration as well:

  • Moving home. You may have to pay the movers or hire a truck if you want to do it yourself.
  • Stamp duty. If you are a first time home buyer, you may want to check what incentives and grants are available in your state.
  • Legal fees. These are charged by your solicitor or conveyancer to carry out the legal work involved in purchasing real estate.
  • Loan application costs may be: the loan application fee; Lender’s property valuation fees; Lenders Mortgage Insurance (unless you can put down a deposit of 20% or more)
  • Property transfer fee – a State Government charge to register the transfer of title of the property from one person to another.
  • Mortgage registration fee – an administrative charge imposed by the Land Titles Office or equivalent for registering the lender’s mortgage on the title record for the property.
  • Homebuilding and contents insurance – this is important to protect you financially if your home or belongings are damaged by fire, natural disaster or you experience loss through burglary. Lenders may ask that your property is insured because they have a vested interest in it.
  • Mortgage protection insurance – this takes care of part (or all) of your mortgage repayments if you are injured or become ill, leaving you unable to work, or if you pass away. Your Costs may vary according to the extent of the cover you need.

Low Interest Rates

  1. Price of your Build or renovation:

Remember that there is a maximum property price that will be taken into consideration. If you’re going to buy a house and land package, the maximum value of the property (house included) is $750,000 and the price of the renovation is between $150,000 and $750,000. The maximum value of the property (for the renovation) is $1,500,000.

Regarding a house and land package: Don’t get too caught up in the advertised price of the package, since (as mentioned before) some builders exclude some elements from the price.

Remember that the display homes are designed to present the best that a builder can offer and it’s important to evaluate the list of inclusions that are offered. Remember that each builder may offer different standard inclusions and you should be able to compare them.

It may be a good idea to negotiate a fixed price with the builder. If you’re not sure how to do that, we may be able to help. All the packages that are available through Buy Real Estate Australia, are Fixed Price, Turn-Key solutions with quality inclusions.

That means that all the inclusions are listed before you sign the contract. And after signing all the documents, you can sit back and relax. Everything will be taken care of for you and you’ll be kept up to date as the building of your house progresses…. It’s that simple. And you’ll have no surprises along the way.

Apart from the quality inclusions from the builders, we’ve decided to add additional surprise features to the deal, that’ll actually save you money. Please inquire about these, as we tailor them to the specific needs of each individual.

New Home

Now may be a good time to buy a new house in South East Queensland

  1. Who should your builder be?

In order to apply for the HomeBuilder Grant, you are allowed to only engage in a reputable, licensed builder. Whether you’ll be building a new home or doing a renovation, you may not do it yourself as an owner-builder. Also, the builder that you engage in, may not be a family member, even if he is a licensed builder.

And remember…. don’t rush! Make sure that you are financially ready.

However, if you are ready, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the HomeBuilder grant to ad instant equity in your home.

  1. Access other Government Incentives:

If you are a First Time Home Buyer, you will be eligible to take advantage of the First Home Buyer Grant and/or incentive in your state or territory as well, in addition to the HomeBuilder Grant.

Want to take advantage of this grant(s) and buy a new property?

With the current low-interest rates, now is the perfect time!

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Houses For Sale Redbank Plains

Why is it recommended to look for

Houses For Sale Redbank Plains

Redbank Plains is one of South East Queensland’s fastest growing regions. 

In Redbank Plains, you will find amazing House and Land Packages in a Master Planned Community, only 5 minutes from the popular Springfield, 15 minutes from Ipswich and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

This is where you will be connected to services as well as connected to nature. Here, you’ll never feel closed in.

The 120 hectare master planned community features 4 large parks, kilometres of hike and bike paths and hectares of beautiful natural bush land setting to explore. Yet all the things that you need like transport, shopping and schools are nearby. It’s a place where you’ll forge long lasting connections – to friends, to family and to memories.

To find out more about the Afforable Homes available in Redbank Plains, Please complete the form below so that one of our team members can get in touch with you.

Affordable Homes

House and Land Packages with Prices as low as from $426,600

And all packages are Fixed Price, Full Turnkey Solutions

Houses For Sale Redbank Plains

Houses For Sale Redbank PlainsFor this amazing price, on a 375m² block, you will find a 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas and double garage. 

Turn Key Home

Turn Key Home

What does Fixed Price, Turnkey solution mean? you may ask….

That means that there will be no surprises along the way.

After signing all the documents, you can sit back and relax.

Everything will be taker care of for you and you will be kept up to date as the building of your house progresses. It is that simple.

Interested in buying a home in the Redbank Plains Area? Then, please complete the form below and one of our team members will get back to you.

To get back to the advantages of living in Redbank Plains

New Redbank Plains Road A Winner For Commuters

Commuters heading out of Redbank Plains will have more time to linger over their morning coffee. Mt Juillerat Drive directly connected onto Centenary Highway, cutting the driving time to Brisbane and shaving about 10 minutes off the journey to Springfield Central’s major shopping centre and train station.

With a number of major transport links close by, there’s no doubt that you will be well connected.

Public transport services are close by, with the nearby Springfield Central Station providing a direct rail service to Brisbane (approx 40 minutes).  

Redbank Plains

Redbank Plains

Redbank Plains School

Whatever style of education your family needs, you will have a huge choice of options.

Eight childcare centres can be found within 5km of home, while local Redbank Plains Primary School and Redbank Plains High are on your doorstep.

A variety of private and state schools are also close by, including Staines Memorial College, West Moreton Anglican College, St Mary’s College, Springfield Anglican College, Ipswich Jnr Grammar, Ipswich Grammar, St Augustine’s College and Fernbrooke State School opened in 2017.

For tertiary students, the University of Southern Queensland is within a 5km drive, and the University of Southern Queensland Ipswich Campus is just 12.5km away. 

Redbank Plains School

Redbank Plains School

The Best Performing Capital City

In regards, to the housing market, Could Brisbane be

The Best Performing Capital City?

Speculations, speculations…..well, one will only be able to determine that when it actually had happened. However, the statistics are looking good for Brisbane’s housing market.  

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CoreLogic sent me an interesting article which actually makes sense. Please find the article below.

The best performing capital city

Could Brisbane Take Over As The Best Performing Capital City regarding the Housing Market?

Could Brisbane Take Over As The Best Performing Capital City Housing Market In 5 Years?

Written by Tim Lawless, Head of Research, CoreLogic Asia Pacific

Brisbane is well placed to take over as the best performing capital city housing market over the next five years.  Dwelling values across Australia’s third largest capital city have risen at the annual rate of 1.2% of the past decade; that’s half the pace of inflation and dramatically lower than Sydney or Melbourne where annual gains have averaged 6.3% and 5.9% over the past ten years. 

Find a new home

Brisbane’s housing market won’t outperform other cities simply because the market has previously under-performed, however the relative gap in pricing between Australia’s largest cities is likely to be one of the factors that attracts housing demand to the city.  At the end of November 2017 Sydney house values were 102% higher than Brisbane’s and Melbourne values were 57% higher.  Based on median household incomes, Sydney households are earning only 12.9% more than households in Brisbane’s and incomes across Melbourne are actually 0.7% lower than Brisbane’s.  

Clearly households aren’t as affected by affordability in Brisbane as significantly as they are in the larger capitals.  This is also visible from more formal affordability measures such as the dwelling price to income ratio and the proportion of household income required to service a mortgage. In Sydney, the dwelling price to income ratio is 9.1 compared with 7.5 in Melbourne and 5.9 in Brisbane.  Similarly, the proportion of gross annual household income required to service an 80% LVR mortgage is now 48.4% in Sydney compared with 39.9% in Melbourne and 31.7% in Brisbane.

Importantly, there are a variety of economic and demographic factors that are likely to support improving market conditions across Brisbane including economic and demographic trends as well as a worsening performance across the larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne which will provide a lower relative benchmark for Brisbane.

Population growth from both overseas and interstate is ramping up into Queensland, with the majority of this growth being experienced within the South East corner of the state.  Net overseas migration remains well below New South Wales and Victoria, however it’s the highest in a bit more than three years.  Net interstate migration is where Queensland is demonstrating its pulling power, attracting the highest number of residents from other states in eight and a half years.  Net migrants crossing the state border into Queensland is now the highest of any state, outpacing Victoria for the first time since June 2013.

Higher migration rates implies more demand for housing which should help to support an improvement in capital gains.

The labour market is also strengthening across Queensland.  Jobs growth across the state was the fastest of any state or territory.  Based on trend data, the annual rate of jobs growth reached 4.8% over the twelve months ending November 2017, substantially higher than any other region.  In raw numbers, 113,000 jobs were created across Queensland over the past year, more than New South Wales (111,000) and Victoria (94,000).

Jobs are an essential component of a healthy housing market and a strong labour force has been a key missing ingredient from the Brisbane housing market up until recently.  The improved jobs sector, together with high rates of migration and an affordable mix of housing is a solid recipe for stronger housing market conditions.  

Although I’m expecting Brisbane to outperform, at least over the medium term, there are likely to be some headwinds that will prevent a surge in housing values.  Credit conditions are much tighter now relative to the period between 2012 and 2016 when Sydney and Melbourne experienced their peak rates of growth.  The unit market is also likely to hold back the performance of the housing somewhat due to unprecedented supply of new units over recent years.  

Additionally, while mortgage rates are likely to remain around their current historically low setting until around 2019, the cost of debt will eventually move higher which is likely to curb any momentum in the housing market when it eventuates. 

Although Brisbane looks primed to experience an improvement in housing market conditions over coming years, I wouldn’t necessarily expect that the rate of growth in Brisbane will reach the heights of those experienced in Sydney and Melbourne over recent years.