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I’m no financial advisor, yet I know how important Asset Protection is. To Safeguard Your Wealth & Secure Your Future, Lock Away Your Home, Investments, Cash & Business from Harm Is more important than you may think. And the correct way of Asset Protection will safeguard you and your family for years to come.

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Asset Protection
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I’m sure that you’re aware of the fact that we live in a lawsuit-crazy society…. And I’m convinced that you know by now that court judgments are getting more and more outrageous these days. 

Unless you have an asset protection strategy already in place, you and your assets are exposed. The assets that you have accumulated over the years may be wiped out due to a lawsuit that doesn’t go your way. And you never know what can happen.

I have heard people say that they don’t have much, so….they are not worried…. Remember, unless you have no equity at all in your home, a creditor can come after any equity in your house. And we don’t want that, do we?

Collection attorneys know that the best way to get you to come up with money is to threaten you with a foreclosure of your house. If you have quite a bit of equity in your house, you are vulnerable. And when that happens, it’s too late to get things in place for protection.

Even if your net worth is not in the millions, you will still need protection. Anybody with some equity or any type of asset needs asset protection.

Any financial advisor will tell you that you need asset protection. Your financial advisor may even advise setting up a trust to protect your assets, even if it is only your own home, furniture, and the car that you own. They are still your assets and need to be protected.

So…. you may ask:

What is Asset Protection?

  • Asset Protection is a method for protecting your assets from future claims and creditor collection attempts. 
  • The idea is to plan ahead and get in touch with the right people who can set up asset protection for you.
  • Using the correct asset protection strategy will make sure your assets are protected for future generations as well.

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Asset Protection

While many individuals are searching for a strong approach to do this, there are numerous ways where the asset protection strategies that they attempt to implement, are not going to work.

However, there are asset protection systems that are truly effective. You need to seek out the strategy that works best for your assets and utilise it adequately. I came across FREE Training on Asset Protection which you may want to explore. CLICK HERE to access the FREE Training.

Asset Protection is something that more individuals ought to exploit. It will be too late to attempt to set up an asset protection plan when some sort of judgment is placed against you.

What would be considered to be fraudulent and illegal?

  • Selling your assets to a family member or trusted friend when you are already involved in a lawsuit and the judgment is against you. 
  • Transfer your assets in the name of your spouse when you receive a judgment against you.

We all hope (and believe) that we won’t get into financial trouble, because somebody else drove into your car and refuses to take the blame….

But hey….things happen. Things that we don’t always plan.

Make sure to be setting up a trust that will protect your valuable assets before your hard-earned assets are threatened. You don’t want to lose it all. Click HERE to find out which trust I’m referring to.

I have heard some people say that they are under the impression that, setting up a trust to protect your assets, is very costly. It can be if you do it through the normal conventional ways.

Affordable asset protection planning can be done with very experienced asset protection experts.

By using a simple battle-tested strategy and entity that cost only a few thousand dollars that will give you peace of mind.

One of the benefits of this Unique Asset Protection Strategy:

  • You don’t need to transfer assets into a trust structure because that incurs stamp duty and additional costs.
  • You can add any New Home that you buy for as long as you want.

Plan ahead! Do it NOW! If you don’t believe me, speak to your financial advisor. Or take advantage of this FREE training that I came across. That will explain to you how it should be done.

What does the expression say? “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” And I don’t think you want to fail, do you?

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Asset Protection

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